Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stonehenge Revisted

So, did you get a chance to attend the Event with Vic Dadika yesterday?

I sure hope you did..... but in the case of those unable to get here, I'd like to show just a touch of what we got to see first hand.

First, it was explained that Stonehenge, the fabric line from Linda Ludovico and Northcott, is the best-selling fabric in the United States and when you think that there are 81 fabric distributors all vying for our attention and money, that is no easy accomplishment.

However, by now you are probably well aware how beautiful the fabric is and how great it feels to work with and how well it blends with other designs.

But it was very interesting to hear how the designer came up with this concept, how it developed further and how far it's come in just two years.

We have had it in stock only since around the beginning of 2011 and carry a vast selection of bolts, collections, and recently received the 2.5" strips and now the "chips", the 5" squares. A package of these were given to each attendee along with a terrific trunk show of outstanding quilts. Here are just two:

Stoney River

Blueberry Hill

Now, these were my personal favorites and there were many more....

Northcott has a vast website offering pattern ideas for use with Stonehenge, some of which are free PDFs.... the two featured here are in stock now at Bright Hopes Quilting.

We lucky ladies sitting in got to see what was coming up in 2012 and I can't show n tell you. Yet. But there were plenty of excitable wimmen-folk and I only hope Pearl is able to order and receive enough of it to satisfy the masses.

Along with the pack I received, I purchased another and yardage of "Salt" Stonehenge and can't wait to get busy with it. I already know what I'm going to do... check back in a few weeks!

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