Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Mayhem

We've been receiving so many parcels with new fabrics and patterns and I have fallen way behind with up-dating the blog to keep you abreast. Add to this our continuing email issues (yes, they have resurfaced....just when I thought we had that sorted out!) and now there is so much to tell. Let me get started first with fabrics.

Last month we got in the Jason Yenter "Camelot" line of fabrics. Now, I know it seems like we all just put Christmas away but this line definitely has a seasonal feel to it, notwithstanding the name. He also has a book of quilt patterns specifically designed to showcase the fabrics an we have cut kits for two of them, Guinevere and Lady of the Lake. Georgia is working on a sample for the shop and here is one square to show you how they come together.

They are gorgeous, richly intricate designs we have admired for several years now.

You know how I feel about batiks.......Pearl has been getting so many new and exciting bolts and I just keep collecting them...... may I live long enough to use them all.....

This pastel batik is an ombre that has a subtle wave of colors passing through it.

Ah, The Universe is here in the store...... have you been searching for fabric for a young boy that loves science?

Check out our planets and stars!


Jayne has been holding several classes and just finished this one for the Diamond Double...... here are a couple of the students and the project underway.

She is teaching another class next Tuesday, March 22 for the "Tote Club" making this popular "Tote It" pattern using that great mesh fabric. This large roomy tote is perfect for many things, like knitting projects or beach bags..... and Jayne has many so many, she has it down pat. If you'd like to join the class, there is still time to sign up. 985-845-9554.

Speaking of classes, X-Block Triple Play is next Thursday with Celeste.

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