Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Botany by Moda

We got new Layer Cakes, (which I think are a great way to use a lot of fabrics from the same collection without purchasing YARDS of cloth). One of the new ones is Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung.
Pearl has 4 bolts from the collection to add to your blocks. I tossed that last one on the right in because I liked the way it worked in.....

We also received MANY bolts from the collection, Hunky Dory, by Chez Moi. I LOVED this group and dashed home with enough to make a Double Pinwheel baby quilt. We have a class coming up in this pattern, by Eleanor Burns, May 21.

Speaking of classes...Pearl has a Class Certificate available now that offers unlimited classes through the month of September. Now what does that mean, you ask? That means that for $60.00, you may attend all the classes you like (unless the class is already full, of course) through September, 2010. This is a super way to explore the wonderful world of classes without busrting the bank account. And if you read through our most current newsletter, you saw just how many and how very varied this season's set of classes are; everything from new techniques with computers to traditional favorites like Log Cabin. I don't even need to mention the tote bag classes! Well, okay, I just did, but you get the idea. Go check out the calendar (four posts below this one) to see a full roster, Click forward to June to see all months.

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