Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Been A While

since last I posted. As you can see, we have just sent out a newsletter and calendar of up-coming events and classes.

What a gorgeous spring we've been having. It makes it difficult for me to choose between being out in the garden or in with the quilting. Luckily with the rain, I get to be "stuck" inside sewing up a storm of my own and the plants get a good soaking to set up their roots. (talk about win-win, huh?)

With that in mind, come check out all the fresh fabric we've been receiving. Definitely spring-inspired and fabulous colors.

I think you'll like the line-up of classes we are offering these next 3 months.
If you go to the calendar below and click on a day, you'll see details including time, instructor and requirements. I'd like to say hello to a new instructor: Courtney. (hello!!!!) She is offering several new classes so check it out, y'all.

As always, we are open to requests for classes, or suggestions for blogging needs. Let us know how we can assist you in your quilting dreams.

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