Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trip For 2 to Boston

One of the most fun ways to sew is to buddy up with a friend and "work together". One cuts, irons and hands off the pieces to the other who does the sewing..... and in record time, you've got a quilt.
This quilt pattern by Prairie Pieces is a take-off on that idea with the end result of TWO quilts to share. One would have the Blue fabric (batik YES!) on the outer edges (as shown) and the other would have the Pink on the outer edge. In other words, it's the reverse of what you see here.
Our sample is a small version of the actual pattern and the pattern itself comes in three sizes; Lap : 42" x 54", Throw: 65" x 85" and Full: 94" x 105" and we have these gorgeous batiks in stock.