Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cats're Away!

So Georgia and I have been mousing around the shop today, hanging samples and checking new fabrics into the system.

We got in 4 more bolts from the Dr. Seuss line, including a fun rainbow stripe and character stripes.
Another arrival was 6 beautiful, so beautiful, fabrics from In The Beginning and Michele Hill, called Adelaide Collection. They are inspired by William Morris and have such a soft hand. They would clearly be perfect in any applique technique but I can see some more complicated pieced patchwork in them.
As they arrived shortly before closing, I didn't stop long enough to shoot a few photos but I work again Saturday and will do so then.

We had the Applique Society meeting today and received 4 more blocks for our Kaffe Fassett Challenge. The deadline to get yours in is Saturday. So I really look forward to seeing what you have made. And for ANY of you out-of-towners....... if you want to join in, PLEASE do so and give us a call. All blocks must be post-marked by Oct 30 to be entered.

OKAY! So here is something! As you know, this is the weekend of Houston Market and everyone is heading to Texas for one crazy time. I can't believe how long ago it was that I got the opportunity to attend and how much fun and exciting it is to see the new fabrics coming and the designers and vendors. Exhausting as well! I can't wait to see what Pearl comes back with nest Monday.

Today, we had 2 ladies stop by on their way as buyers for their business and next week, (here's where YOU come in!) they will be there as vendors with their new business, p.s. Goin' Sewin' (I love it that we are still entrepreneurs at heart!)

If you have taken any of our X-Block classes, or have thought about getting one, let me tell you! Georgia recognized Peggy from a GSQA class from several years back. I wish I could bottle the energy level they put out!

These two, Peggy and Shannon, have definitely sold me on the uses. They design and demonstrate various ways to use this ruler to optimum heights. So much so, they are seminar and retreat teachers and pattern developers. (Ask Georgia one day about what students in Shannon's class said)

Not only the X-Block tool but also a Kaleidoscope tool from Sharon Sebrow. Here you see two of their samples using these 2 tools.

Shannon and Peggy with 2 samples. The X-Block on the left, Kaleidoscope on right.

Anyway, after Market they will be at the Quilt Show itself as vendors in the 1500 block of the George Brown Convention Center. Stop by and tell them you read about p.s. Goin' Sewin' here on our blog. You never know what might happen!

This is what their van looks like as they move down I-10.

Ah yessss... I remember ours looking similar on our way home from Market...... memories....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mardi Party!!!!!!

The new fabric is HERE!!!!!!

We got so excited when the UPS man walked in with the boxes. Pearl has kitted up bundles of these and "friends" to make up a lap sized quilt.

And although it has nothing to do with Mardi Gras, (I think they are pretty exuberant) here are our newest in the Kaffe Fassett line......
And speaking of which..... we got a few more squares for the Kaffe Fassett challenge. SOMEone(s) gonna be a VERY happy participant. You still have one more week to get yours done and entered.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Stars Over Bali Skies Block of the Month

We will be starting our Stars Over Bali Skies BOM in January 2011 (yikes!) and taking reservations now.

This one lasts 10 months and includes all the blocks, setting squares, borders and binding. All the fabrics are batiks (yummy!) and the cost is $19.99 per month.

If you are interested in signing up, please give us a call at 985-845-9554. January will be here soon and after the holidays, it's fun to start an exciting project. I think this one promises to be just that!

Well I Have Resurfaced!

(Sorry about that lapse in time.) However I am BACK and have lots to share with you.

First off, Hattiesburg was a blast and man alive! What an enormous collection of stunning quilts they had on display. Did you have trouble with choosing the "viewer's choice"? Yeah. Me too.

Secondly, I wanted to tell you that although we extended the Kaffe Fassett Fabric Challenge to the end of October, that date is rapidly approaching. So, if you were planning on entering one (or more!) 12.5" block, you've only got one week left!
There are some great blocks now waiting for a lucky winner.

Okay, here is where I get to show off some new stuff:

Dr. Seuss' cast of characters are on fabric and we have the line. These are only some of the bolts...

you'll have to see the spots and remember when Things 1 and 2 ran amok!

RJR's line of fruits & veggies have been bundled into groups of fat quarters and here is a sampling of some of them. (I bought this bundle!) Luscious!

This is just 12. There are 25 more here as well.

We got a box of 25 Hoffman Batiks!!!!!! All NEW... no repeats. They are getting too beautiful...... if that's possible. I don't have enough time to make all the quilts they invoke.

Jayne, however, knocked this quilt out using "Spumoni" Bali-Pop batiks and the pattern "Hanging Gardens" by Cozy Quilt Designs.

She will be offering a class in this quilt some time in January.

Okay.... when this fabric first showed up last month, it blasted out so fast I only heard of it. Then the next bolt (bolts to be precise) arrived and it, too, barely got out of the box before it blew out the door. (I managed to escape with a fat quarter. And I WORK here!)

We have just received another 3 bolts of it and it is so beautiful and so perfect for ANY New Orleans-inspired or Saints quilt you have in mind. Now I have yardage and you can too; if you don't wait, that is.

I leave you now with this sweet soft selection of the Lizzie Collection from Windham Fabrics

They remind of a candy from my childhood, SweeTarts. Anyone?

We wait with great anticipation our new Mardi Gras fabrics as well. We've been told this is the delivery week. Check in soon.